Welcome to the Republican Club of West Volusia.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the core values of the Republican Party, to promote conservative principles, and to elect Constitutional patriots.

Tim Taylor

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at noon
(lunch at 11:30) at:
F​an Central Station
614 South Alabama Avenue
DeLand, Florida 32724
Open to all registered Republicans

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Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organization with the objective of growing the Republican Party and disseminating its core conservative values to West Volusia County. Our mission is to attract members into and involve them in the Republican Party and subsequently provide them with a practical and rewarding means of Party participation, leadership training and political involvement at all levels of government. Our objective is to support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party and to help secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates in the general election and registered Republicans in nonpartisan elections. We believe we can keep America strong with conservative Republican solutions to local and national problems. The Republican Club of West Volusia is open to all registered Republicans and offers the following classes of membership:

  • Active - Any registered Republican voter who resides within
    the boundaries of Volusia County
  • Associate - Any other registered Republican voter who does
    not qualify for Active status
  • Youth Associate - Any applicant 14 years and up must sign a
    letter of intent to register as a Republican when coming of age

President's Message

A Taxing Time No More

"April is the cruelest month" wrote T.S. Elliott in his 1922 poem, 'The Wasteland'. Although not referring to tax time, the description has been apt. That is until now, when nerves and wallets will be less taxed because President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a fiscal win that keeps on giving. The legislation cut taxes for American families at every income level and for businesses large and small, while dramatically simplifying the code and repealing distortionary tax credits.

Republicans kept their promise and passed a comprehensive tax reform. Even though the was only signed into law in December of 2017, the law is already a success. Within hours of its passing by the House and Senate, AT&T announced plans to provide 200,000 U.S. employees with a $1,000 bonus, followed by similar announcements from Comcast, Pfizer, and smaller businesses like Tampa based Spellex Corporation. Americans are cheering on employers who have responded to the pro-growth reforms by investing in their workers by giving close to four million employees bonuses, pay increases, and better benefits such as: increases in tuition funding (McDonald’s); maternity and parental leave and adoption expenses (Walmart and Disney); charitable deductions, workforce development and office infrastructure (Boeing); and employee retirement donations and corporate matching funds (Visa and Cigna). Utility companies across the country are lowering rates. The Treasury Department estimates that take-home pay will increase for 90 percent of taxpayers.  A family of four, earning the median income of $73,000, will receive a tax cut of more than $2,000 this year. Similarly, a single parent with one child earning $41,000 per year will see tax reduction of 73 percent, resulting in a $1,304 tax cut. 

Companies are also investing the new found capital back into their businesses, so that unemployment is at a 17 year low and jobless claims at a 45 year low.  Private companies added 241,000 positions vs. a 205,000 estimateas employment in construction and manufacturing surged. Optimism is at an all-time high from small businesses to large manufacturers because the bill puts American businesses on a level playing field with foreign competitors. America’s corporate tax rate will go from being the highest in the developed world to below the average for Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. A one-time tax on corporate earnings stashed overseas will end the incentive for companies to keep their profits outside the United States. The act will eliminate dozens of special interest tax breaks and loopholes and raise $4 trillion in revenue to help offset tax cuts by ending dozens of corporate accounting tricks. The bill eliminates a loophole used to deduct compensation for executives earning more than $1 million a year. And, members of Congress will no longer be able to deduct their living expenses.

Not one Democrat voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  They mocked the President’s and party’s reforms and derided the benefits. Where Democrats saw mere scraps and crumbs, Americans are now seeing more jobs, bigger paychecks, better benefits, and less taxing IRS filings. Who is feeling crumby now?  For Democrats, April will indeed be a cruel and mocking month.

Tim Taylor, President

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