Welcome to the Republican Club of West Volusia.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the core values of the Republican Party, to promote conservative principles, and to elect Constitutional patriots.

Tim Taylor

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at noon
(lunch at 11:30) at:
F​an Central Station
614 South Alabama Avenue
DeLand, Florida 32724
Open to all registered Republicans

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Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organization with the objective of growing the Republican Party and disseminating its core conservative values to West Volusia County. Our mission is to attract members into and involve them in the Republican Party and subsequently provide them with a practical and rewarding means of Party participation, leadership training and political involvement at all levels of government. Our objective is to support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party and to help secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates in the general election and registered Republicans in nonpartisan elections. We believe we can keep America strong with conservative Republican solutions to local and national problems. The Republican Club of West Volusia is open to all registered Republicans and offers the following classes of membership:

  • Active - Any registered Republican voter who resides within
    the boundaries of Volusia County
  • Associate - Any other registered Republican voter who does
    not qualify for Active status
  • Youth Associate - Any applicant 14 years and up must sign a
    letter of intent to register as a Republican when coming of age

President's Message

President Trump Came In Like A Lion

A year into the Trump presidency, Obama’s legacy is taking a licking, the mainstream media a mauling, and the Establishment an evisceration. President Trump has taken decisive action to spur a new era of opportunity, prosperity, growth and security. The economy is roaring. America is beginning to be great again.

President Trump cut regulations and taxes and the economy expanded by at least 3% for two quarters in a row. He unleashed American energy development, approved the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, and ended the war on coal. Businesses created nearly 1.5 million new jobs, resulting in record low minority unemployment. The tax cuts led to wage hikes and bonuses. The stock market set records, creating nearly $5 trillion in wealth for the pension, retirement and savings accounts of Americans.

President Trump put Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and has appointed originalist judges to the federal courts to uphold the Constitution and God-given liberties. He has taken measures to ensure the safety and security of the American people at home and abroad and is an avid and unapologetic supporter of the men and women of law enforcement and the military. He signed bills to restore accountability to the Department of Veterans Affairs, giving veterans access to the world-class care they deserve. He is rebuilding the military and signed the largest increase in defense spending in nearly 10 years. He has beefed up security at the borders and vows to build the wall. Unlike the previous administration, laws are being enforced and efforts taken to remove gang members, drug dealers and violent criminals, legal and illegal, off our streets.

President Trump is succeeding on the international stage and has made America respected and feared again. NATO is contributing more to the common defense. ISIS is on the run, its caliphate crumbled. The credibility of American power was reaffirmed when President Trump enforced a red line against chemical weapons in Syria and put Iran on notice that the Iran nuclear deal may not automatically be re-certified. He continues to put economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea. And, he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced the U.S. Embassy will open there in May, to coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary of independence.

President Trump is just getting started, and it is our responsibility to ensure his momentum does not go out like a lamb after the midterms. If we learned anything from the last election, it's that history and conventional wisdom aren't as reliable as they once were, so that losing one or both houses to the Democrats is not a fait accompli. Republicans needs to keep a foot on the gas pedal to make sure the winner’s circle on November 6, 2018, is all Republican.

In Florida, the following offices are up for grabs – U.S. House and Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Agriculture, Chief Financial Officer, State Legislators, County Council and School Board members and City Commissioners. Republican majorities at all levels are necessary for President Trump to keep addressing issues that help country and community and to continue making America even greater again. Republicans must continually tout the president’s achievements and remind voters that 2018 has been a year of action and results, of promises made and promises kept, the year America began to be great again and Americans reaped the rewards. And that the best is yet to come.

Tim Taylor, President

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