Welcome to the Republican Club of West Volusia.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of the core values of the Republican Party, to promote conservative principles, and to elect Constitutional patriots.

Tim Taylor

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month at noon
(lunch at 11:30) at:
F​an Central Station
614 South Alabama Avenue
DeLand, Florida 32724
Open to all registered Republicans

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Mission Statement

We are a grass roots organization with the objective of growing the Republican Party and disseminating its core conservative values to West Volusia County. Our mission is to attract members into and involve them in the Republican Party and subsequently provide them with a practical and rewarding means of Party participation, leadership training and political involvement at all levels of government. Our objective is to support the principles, objectives and platform of the Republican Party and to help secure the election of all duly nominated Republican candidates in the general election and registered Republicans in nonpartisan elections. We believe we can keep America strong with conservative Republican solutions to local and national problems. The Republican Club of West Volusia is open to all registered Republicans and offers the following classes of membership:

  • Active - Any registered Republican voter who resides within
    the boundaries of Volusia County
  • Associate - Any other registered Republican voter who does
    not qualify for Active status
  • Youth Associate - Any applicant 14 years and up must sign a
    letter of intent to register as a Republican when coming of age

President's Message

Just Say No To No

Nearly 70 Democrats boycotted the president’s inauguration, and it has been downhill since then. In Washington, D.C. and around the country, we are witnessing an unprecedented refusal to respect the American people’s will reflected in last year’s election. From the very start of the Trump administration, far-left actors declared their intention to use massive demonstrations to disrupt the American political process as much as possible. A common mantra shortly before the inauguration, among the elected and unelected left, was “make America ungovernable.”

This has resulted in a lack of civil discourse and a disturbing breakdown in respect for the office of the presidency.  Democrats delay, oppose, and obstruct everything that Trump does. Everything. Any way possible. Democrats are the Party of No.  No plans, no programs, no proposals, no sane leadership.  Corporations get bailouts, the poor get benefits, and those in between get the bill.

This resistance is at the highest levels of the Democrat party, in the Deep State, even, sadly, within our own party.  Protesting voices come from tenured professors and teachers in our public schools. They are in Hollywood and the media.  Even the business world is politicized. Trump’s opponents overreact to even ordinary matters.  They throw doubt on the administration. They open as many investigations as possible and cloud the administration as much as possible. The president’s opponents see any compromise with President Trump as a betrayal of principle, a sign of weakness, even a crime against humanity.  They talk impeachment, coup. They accept violence. The ends justify the means to a party and its sycophants steeped in Saul Alinsky’s teachings   Their goal is to exhaust the public and increase the already staggering amount of cynicism paralyzing our national political life This is what passes for wisdom in the confines of the progressive bubble.  This is their playbook leading to the 2018 elections.

If you’re deeply troubled by what you’re seeing - the destruction of the good and the undermining of the values, beliefs, traditions and customs of our country, do not accept no, do – with your time and money, the lifeblood of any organization.  Did you buy tickets and/or ad space for the Lincoln Day Dinner, the main fundraiser for the Republican Party of Volusia County?  Do you support Trump Talk Live? Do you buy lunch at our monthly meetings, donate to club functions, participate in Republican events and ask others to do so?  Why not upgrade your membership to Century or above? Aren’t a few dollars and a few hours worth: Personal freedom. Limited government. The Constitution and adherence to it. Civil society. The rule of law. Equality under the law. Equality of opportunity. Federalism. Fair and light taxation and regulation. Free enterprise. Property rights. The right to work. The right to life. School choice and sound curriculum. Toleration. E pluribus unum. Patriotism. National security. National sovereignty. Judeo-Christian values. Western civilization.  We need your time and resources to ensure that this club and the county party can continue electing, through free and fair voting, local and national candidates responsive to the will of the people.

I ask and thank you for your support of liberty, the Volusia County Republican Party and the Republican Club of West Volusia. 

Tim Taylor, President

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